Light House 1/24th scale

I got the greatest xmas present this year…….
My extremely talented and brilliant wife made me a 1/24th scale light house, with a working light atop the tower (soldering and all).
Thank you honey for such a wonderful gift.


The light house took many hours to build (kind of like a real light house build).

The main structure, the rocks taking shape and the steps cut out.

The “dock” complete with fishing boat
stunning detail…

fishing equipment to boot…

Front door (including brass “hinges”), with life ring and hurricane lantern.

the ground floor
lounge area with side table & magazine
the larder (well stocked)
cute little fishing rod, broom, hat rack & hat

kitchen/dining table with bread rolls, turnips & carrots
need to cook somewhere…
BTW: all the pictures on the walls are of the actual light houses we’ve visited (or got as close to as one can).
basket of fire wood

First floor – bedroom

the bed and a hand knitted jersey (tooth pics as knitting needles and a whole bunch of patience).
bedside table with lamp, chair and books

second floor – office/study

desk with charts, compass and some letters
book shelf with radio on top & standing globe to the side

front view with light on
rear view (closed).

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