Johnny Clegg concert

Johnny Clegg concert held at Wynberg Boys High School on 20th February 2010.
The supporting acts were The Little Kings, Captain Stu & McCreed
A big thank you to KFM & KlubVIP for the tickets to the concert and for the privilege of meeting Johnny Clegg himself, what a treat. (Thank you to Richard for looking after us at the event).


Some of the other lucky KlubVIP winners with Johnny (unfortunately some of these are a bit out of focus as the lighting was not ideal in the hall ways)…

Here are some pics from the concert. It must have been close to 40oc (or at least that’s what it felt like) but once Johnny was on stage nobody seems to care about the heat anymore.

See, we really were there Smiley

Even the youngsters were in the groove and enjoying the music.

Good bye Johnny, thanks for a terrific event.

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