Gypsy Vardo

This is the miniature project that I have always wanted to build and now it is a reality. The Miniaturia Guild of Cape Town holds their Annual Fair in September each year and the members all participate in a group display. In 2011 we all built Quadboxes and I am thrilled that my project was voted Best on Show. This year the project is a Gypsy Vardo to the great delight of us all.

I have made a start by assembling and painting the basic box. The kits were cut by Richard who did a sterling job and nearly lost a finger!!!

If anyone is short of inspiration, a visit should be paid to – WOW

So here is the beginning of my Vardo…


The kit went together like a dream. I added a few cosmetic design alterations.


Here it is after a coat of paint. I was doing a dry fit of the windows and doors before painting.

The detail is fine and fiddly and this is only the beginning and September is not so far away……

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