Blossom Cottage progresses

It’s been a busy time in Blossom Cottage…

Rhys made the most delightful little plug (and a spare!) for the basin. There is also a butchers rack in complete with frying pan and baskets (I didn’t make the baskets). Even a shopping list black board is up.

Every attic needs stuff! So we have the stored Christmas tree complete with crate of baubles and tinsel. The crate I made. The trunk was one of Rhys’ trinket boxes that I have appropriated.

Blossom Cottage has a sewing room of sorts because Rhys bought me the cutest sewing machine. Miniature haberdashery is not easy!!!

I built in two bookcases beneath the bottom staircase and found a printable bookmaking project on the internet. Fiddly!!! But oh so cute. The wall clock was bought years ago for the printers tray. It is amazing how many items from the printers tray have been relocated into Blossom Cottage.

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